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In Moscow, was awarded the best non-fiction books

25.11.2011 09:05
  In Moscow, was awarded the best non-fiction books In the evening, Nov. 24, in Moscow, were awarded the prize "Illuminator." This was reported on the official website of award. The solemn ceremony was held at the theater, "On passionately".

Winner of the award in the humanities was Vladimir Plungian with the book "Why so many different languages." In the category "Natural and Exact Sciences" award was awarded to Alexander Markov two-volume "The evolution of man." Total participated in the contest more than a hundred works, including manuscript.

Special award "Educator of God" was awarded the Academician Sergei Kapitsa. "2.5 thousand years ago Aristotle said that the main difference between man and animal, that's what he wants to learn. This phrase is worthy of mention. So I just was doing on the legacy of the great ancient thinkers" - is the word of Academician site premiums. Also, special awards were given to science journalists and club magazine "Around the World."

The winners will get to 720 thousand rubles. Publishers of books awarded to the winning certificates for 130 rubles each - money earmarked for the promotion of books on the market.

Also at 120 rubles will be the finalists, who do not become winners (three in each category). In the Humanities section of this Jacob Gordin ("Caucasian Atlantis. 300 Years of War"), Irina Lewontin ("Russian with a dictionary") and Konstantin Sonin ("Lessons of the economy"), and in the exact sciences - Anton Pervushin ("108 minutes that changed the world . The truth about the flight of Yuri Gagarin "), Love Strelnikov (" What is done? Tales of the matter "), Vladimir Tsymbal (" Plants. Parallel World ").

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