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Muslims sue FBI for illegal surveillance

24.02.2011 13:16
  Muslims sue FBI for illegal surveillance Federal Bureau of Investigation and its director, Robert Mueller was accused of violating the rights of American Muslims by organizing illegal monitoring of the parishioners of several mosques in southern California. About this newspaper The Los Angeles Times.

Bureau decided to sue the American Civil Liberties Union (American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (The Council on American Islamic Relations - CAIR). Defendants in the suit are the FBI itself, and seven senior offices, including Director Mueller.

Human rights activists accuse the FBI of violating the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens freedom of religion. Plaintiffs believe that the intelligence agency became interested in Muslim congregation because of the religion which they profess, but not in connection with the presence of any specific suspicion.

According to the plaintiffs, to spy on Muslims recruited by the FBI resident of California, Irvine Monteyla Craig (Craig Monteilh). A man was ordered under the guise of a Franco-Syrian infiltrate the Muslim community in southern California, to establish contacts with parishioners of the local mosque and find out whether anyone involved with any of them in terrorist activities.

Monteyl himself admits his relationship with the FBI. As he told reporters that his office has recruited in 2004 to work undercover in groups that distribute drugs. Surveillance of Muslims Monteyl, he said, began in 2006. By order of the FBI, he disguised himself as Faruq al-Aziz (Farouk Al-Aziz) and worked under the call sign "Oracle." His task was to identify potential extremists.

"Oracle" failed the task, when a few Muslims have complained of him to the police - the newly-born member of the community was too intrusive and aggressive, and once asked the Imam about his opinion about the suicide bombers.

It should be noted that since 2010 he Monteyl Craig is suing the FBI. Californian accused the bureau is that it is endangering his life and security and violated his civil rights.

Meanwhile, the FBI claims of human rights activists and Muslim militants refused to comment on. A spokeswoman Laura Eymile (Laura Eimiller) in a letter to The Los Angeles Times pointed out that the FBI is practicing surveillance of persons suspected of any criminal activity, but it never takes into account their religious beliefs.