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Sergei Pugachev forbidden to sell the company Yenisei

24.03.2011 09:58
  Sergei Pugachev forbidden to sell the company Yenisei Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), acting bankruptcy trustee bankrupt Mezhprombank (BCH), Sergei Pugachev, managed to block the sale of shares of the Yenisei industrial company. Kommersant wrote that now Pugachev will not be able to sell the Yenisei company that owns the license to one of Russia's largest coal deposits.

The Moscow Arbitration Court, as reported by the publication, the petition DIA banning of "Siberian Registrar to register any transactions in shares of the Yenisei. These actions, according to the DIA, were illegally removed from under the mortgage loan for 30 billion rubles issued Mezhprombank. As a result, creditors of the bank, which has virtually no real assets, lost their chance to return to the bankrupt estate of the funds.

Now DIA litigate the shares of the Yenisei from under the mortgage Mezhprombank, and the decision of arbitration would "incapacitate" the disputed shares at the time of trial.

The newspaper writes that controlled Pugachev United Industrial Corporation, which includes Mezhprombank, attempts to sell 75 percent plus one share of the Yenisei, estimating the entire asset at $ 5 billion.

Mezhprombank was the largest financial asset Pugacheva. Bank, is in the top 50 largest Russian financial institutions in terms of assets, are in a difficult situation in the summer of 2010, when unable to repay the Bank loan of 32 billion rubles. In October, the Central Bank revoked the license of Mezhprombank, and then sued the bankruptcy of a financial organization. In November last year, the bank was declared bankrupt, and later became known that the equity Mezhprombank reached minus 37 billion rubles.

According to some Russian media over the past few years Mezhprombank actively finance companies within the corporation Pugacheva.

As of February 10, 2011 to Mezhprombank with assets of 55 billion rubles filed claims of creditors have to 167.6 billion rubles.

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