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Russia will adopt anti-aircraft systems S-500 in 2015

08.04.2011 12:30
  Russia will adopt anti-aircraft systems S-500 in 2015 Anti-aircraft missile system S-500 will be accepted at the Air Forces of Russia in 2015. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said Deputy General Director of Design Bureau "Almaz-Antey" Yuri Soloviev. According to him, "the system will appear in the 2015-2016 year." "Work is underway while there is a problem with the element base," - said Solovyov. Earlier, First Deputy Defense Minister of Russia Vladimir Popovkin said that in 2015, will begin testing the new complex.

The state program of weapons of Russia for 2011-2020, funding for which will be 19 trillion rubles, involves the purchase of ten new air defense missile systems under development. On the timing of the creation, production, and adopting a single prediction does not exist. The fact that Russia is the creation of C-500 was announced in 2009. Then it became known that the development is scheduled for completion in 2012.

According to the commander of the Operational Strategic Command Aerospace Defense Lt. Gen. Valery Ivanov, the mass production of C-500 will begin in 2014.

Details concerning the new complex are still unknown. Previously reported that the C-500 will be smaller and more maneuverable C-400, and at the same time surpass its ability to reflect on the air attack. Meanwhile, 24 February 2011 Popovkin said that "the original launch of the new complex will be based on a set of S-400. In July 2010 Russian Air Force Commander Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin announced that the C-500 will be a key component of the planned missile defense in Russia.

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