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African plague in Moscow Zoo have not found

16.06.2011 19:56
Veterinary examination revealed a died in the Moscow zoo kisteuhoy African swine pig, RIA Novosti reported quoting the press service of the Veterinary Committee of Moscow.

June 16 zoo was closed for sanitary measures. Veterinarians feared that kisteuhaya pig, contained in a zoo, could ill African swine as well as in Russia over the past two weeks, revealed three hearth of the disease. African swine fever is not treated, her sick animals (susceptible to illness, domestic and wild pigs) must be destroyed. For human disease is not dangerous.

Once it became known about the death of pigs in a zoo veterinarian committee sent a recommendation to remove the animals from the city over the cultural institutions, which contains pig.

Earlier it was reported that the Moscow Zoo will be closed and 17 June. In the Veterinary Committee notes that following the test on the African plague obstacles for the zoo there. For some reason, died kisteuhaya pig, not reported.

The animal died at age 7 in the evening on June 15.

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