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Saudi Arabia will bomb Iran after the

30.06.2011 15:37
  Saudi Arabia will bomb Iran after the Saudi Arabia can not afford to remain without any means of containment in the event that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons, said Prince Turki al-Faisal - an influential member of the ruling dynasty, engaged in international cooperation.

According to The Guardian, the prince, speaking in the UK before the NATO-led, not directly mentioned nuclear weapons. However, his assistant made a few more clearly: "We will not allow a situation where Iran will have bomb, and we have - no. Could not be easier."

The Turks, in his speech also lashed out at Iran, accusing it of interfering in the internal affairs of many Arab countries, particularly Syria and Bahrain.

Sunni Saudi Arabia is traditionally strained relations with Shiite Iran. In the kingdom of home to several million Shiites, who are in subordinate positions and deprived of many privileges that have the Sunnis. According to local leaders, the Saudi Shiites "are vulnerable to outside influence," that is - the influence of Iran.

In early 2011, a clash of interests of the kingdom and the Islamic Republic took place in Bahrain, where mass demonstrations of Shiites who received support from Iran, have been suppressed by the Sunni ruling elite, with the participation of Saudi troops.

Iran developing its nuclear program, insisting on its peaceful nature. However, its privacy and secrecy from the public eye cause a Western and Israeli suspicions that Tehran intends to build atomic weapons.