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Two Americans were arrested for blinding pilot laser

05.07.2011 11:15
  Two Americans were arrested for blinding pilot laser In Los Angeles, were arrested two local residents who are suspected of trying to dazzle the laser pilots of two police helicopters. As reported by The Los Angeles Times, the operation to search for the Atkins Floyd (Floyd Atkins) and Alvaro Jimenez (Alvaro Jimenez) was held on the night of Monday, July 4.

To trace intruders managed to get after the laser beam was directed to one of the local police helicopters overflying the city. Immediately after that, the place of departed second helicopter, pilots who used special goggles.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, at the same time to the site of the operation were sent to regular police units, who were waiting for information on the whereabouts of criminals. Soon the two were detained in a house where they tried to escape. Inside law enforcement officers found two laser pointers, beaming green.

According to the media, the police plans to transfer the case against those arrested by the FBI. The reason is that in the past six months, a large number of attempts to dazzle pilots undertaken against a number of police helicopters and commercial airliners flying over Los Angeles. It is assumed that those arrested will be charged with serious crimes.

In early 2011 a number of cases where pilots in the eye was directed laser beam, was recorded in Russia. Most incidents occurred in the south. July 4 in Chechnya was made the first arrest the bully, who was a local teenager. After prophylactic conversation, he was released. Meanwhile, the head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov has ordered a ban on the sale of laser pointers in the region.

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