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Female mannequin nominated for mayor of U.S. city

27.09.2011 11:36
  Female mannequin nominated for mayor of U.S. city
Mayor of a small town of Reading, Ohio, offered to appoint a female mannequin nicknamed Barbie Kew (BarBe Q), according to a political blog, publishing The Cincinnati Enquirer. The idea put forward an inanimate object as a candidate for the head of the city belongs to a local man Kenny Tesseli, owner of the cafe, whose mascot is the Barbie Kew.

According to the owner of the dummy, the main objective of the Trust it is to draw attention to the subject of eateries specializing in fast food. Tesseli noted that, although in reality, Barbie Q is not registered as a candidate for mayor, she has a real purpose.

Tesseli urged residents to vote for Barbie Reading Kew, inscribing her name on the ballot. Mayoral elections in American town held in November 2011. Rivals will be the acting head of the dummy Reading Rep. Robert Bemms and independent candidate Kenneth Nordin.

In Reading Barbie Kew became a celebrity of local importance a few years ago, when Kenny Tesseli just bought it and put it at the entrance to his establishment. The city authorities did not appreciate the original idea diner owner and asked him to cover up the curvaceous Barbie Kew. The man refused to perform this instruction, stating that the mannequin had helped him to raise sales by 40 percent.