Cashapillar is a new 5-reel video slot machine now available online and now featuring 100 adjustable payouts. This slot also comes with two-year, unlimited-rollers and a six-year, unlimited-payout jackpot. Like most other slot games the main goal is to win the maximum amount of jackpots. This one has a relatively small jackpot but as they say, you get what you pay for.

If you want to cash in on your Free Spins then Cashapillar isn’t the best option, but it isn’t the worst either. In fact, Cashapillar may be the only good slot machine online that offers a free spin as part of the signing bonus. When you first get the machine you will notice that there are two icons on the top right corner that display “MAXIMUM”: this is where you would put the maximum amount of money into the machine so that you can win the largest cash prizes. You also notice a few text boxes above the icons that display the amount of free spins left (if any) and the current jackpot amounts. The odds of winning with this machine are relatively low as well since it takes a while to spin the wheel and the payout amounts are pretty small.

Now, if you prefer a progressive slot machine that offers multiple free spins then Cashapillar isn’t a bad choice either. There are a few different versions of cashapillar online including a basic version that just offers a single free-spin and a progressive version that offer multiple free spins. You will find that progressive slots tend to have a larger maximum jackpot amount and they also offer more free spins than their basic counterparts. If you enjoy the large payouts from progressive slots then the Cashapillar isn’t a bad choice either.