Super hot 7’s


Super Hot 7S is one of those rare games that really makes it into the “I’ll try anything once” category of games for people who have yet to experience them. And while I’m on the subject, I’ll note that the first Super Hot 7S I ever played had the audacity to tell me that I didn’t have to bet my life savings to win. And yet, here we are almost two decades later and Super Hot 7S is still going strong, proving that a little gamble can add zest to even the most mundane of casino games. And if you’ve never tried the game before, this is a great time to jump in and give it a shot, because you won’t find a better game in the pack.

Super Hot 7S retains the same 40 card, 50 lines, single fold, no bid structure of all the previous Quick Spin games in the series from the past. But there’s some difference: the quick spin pays off better than normal, so if you’re on a budget or simply want the game to “keep your money in your pocket”, then this is the game for you. But there s also a couple of key differences:

The basic game consists of a pile of seven cards, four of which are white and two of which are red. To make the first move, you can either go through the deck using the regular pile, or by randomly picking up and discarding certain symbols from the deck. Once you have these symbols, you can place them on the designated spot on the reels (the ones where the symbols will change colors) and watch them rapidly spin around the reels, whacking away and popping out new symbols as they pass over them. While it may sound complicated, the symbols are easy to identify and are part of the fun and excitement of playing the game.