The jazz club


The Jazz Club is a nice and nicely designed throwback to old-time arcade games, though players should beware of its glowed icons and seemingly relaxing environment. In any case, this fun little online casino game doesn’t have much in the way of skills or tactics, but relies more on luck than anything else. This is fine, especially if you’re just trying it out for the sake of playing around, but if you’re really interested in putting some skill into it – whether for practice or simply to see how many points you can rack up – then you’ll probably find this to be pretty boring. Still, there are times when The Jazz Club truly shines. For instance, it’s one of the only games on which you really get a chance to show off your real baseball skills, and if that’s what you’re into, then The Jazz Club is just perfect for you.

Unlike other online slot games where you’re locked into a specific time limit (at least with the standard game types), with The Jazz Club you have about three minutes to try every level and take a stab at the bonus round. During those three minutes, which is split between seven separate attempts, you can use the up buttons on the screen to scatter the coins around to different parts of the screen. While you’re at it, you can use the lower buttons to clear your screen of the currently used coin.

Coin-operated machines are pretty fun themselves, but they do make the entire “jazz club” experience a lot less complicated if you get good at spinning the reels. Of course, this only really comes into its own after a few unsuccessful attempts at spinning the reels; after that point, the challenge becomes earning the right number of coins and trying to get them into the baskets. The key to this game’s success lies in the game’s icon, the familiar-looking “J” symbol. If you get five hits with a certain number of coins in an attempt, you earn your first star. The star, which represents the establishment of jazz as an official sound source, is also shown to give you a small buff.